Welcome to the Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory, Kutunse. GRAO is a Centre under the Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute (GSSTI) under Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC).


The Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory (GRAO), is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa, apart from South-Africa. The site has a 32-metre radio telescope, 16-metre and 9-metre telescopes. It is located 5.7504 𝑁 and 0.3051 𝑊, 25 km North-West of Accra, at Kutunse, satellite junction off the Accra-Nsawam highway.

The 32-metre antenna operates at 5 and 6.7 GHz bands. It has a C-band ambient cooled receiver of ~110 K. The System Equivalent Flux Density (SEFD) is ~ 250 Jy.

Current projects include Science commissioning and verification, Methanol maser observations and Pulsar timing programme. The 32-metre radio telescope produces cutting edge observations across a wide scope of radio astronomy specialties, including methanol masers, pulsars, giant stars, supernova remnants, Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)


You can book a visit, or observation today. Reach us via the following handles:


Telephone: +233302951830

Email: grao@gssti.gaecgh.org

Website: https://gssti.gaecgh.org/about-us/

Facebook: Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory-GRAO

YouTube: AstronomyGhana

Instagram: astroghana1

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GPS (Ghana): GW-0327-9795

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Location: Kutunse, Ga-West Municipality Amasaman, Accra, Ghana